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R,1hr 30min
March 4, 1983
Jensen Farley Pictures
Synopsis: This derivative Canadian thriller plays like a distaff version of Samuel Fuller's cult classic Shock Corridor fused rather crudely to a standard mad-slasher plot. The story takes place primarily at the country villa of a sleazy horror film director (scenery-chomping John Vernon), where auditions for the title role of his new film Audra are taking place. The casting session is called after the film's intended star had herself committed to an asylum in order to properly research her Frances Farmer-type ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Jonathan Stryker
Samantha Sherwood
Brooke Parsons
Laurian Summers
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend the opening night performance of "Curtains" in New York (March...
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Curtains [Blu-ray]
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