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Cruel and Unusual



Cruel and Unusual
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R,1hr 40min
Columbia TriStar
Synopsis: Georges Mihalka directs this psychological thriller about a serial killer who befriends an unsuspecting brother and sister who are still reeling from the death of their father. Adam Turrell (Tom Berenger) takes up residence in a small Oregon burg and pretends he is an English teacher currently writing his debut novel. He is actually a madman who is methodically selecting his next victim. Kate and Mike (Rachel Hayward and Tygh Runyan) must work past their grief and the trust they have developed in ... Full Synopsis
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A workmanlike thriller from My Bloody Valentine director Georges Mihalka, Cruel and Unusual is notable mostly for the psychological acuity of Rod Browning and Robert Geoffrion's script and the presence of frequent screen villain Tom Berenger as a cunning sociopath. Freudian baggage is pretty much the stock in trade of middle-tier serial-killer movies, but Berenger and cast mates Rachel Hayward and ... Read Review
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Adam Turrell
Winona Ryder attends the Cruel and Unusual Exhibition at the sixspace Gallery in Los Angeles on...
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Cruel and Unusual
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