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Confessions of Sorority Girls



Confessions of Sorority Girls
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R,1hr 22min
Synopsis: This campy remake of Roger Corman's 1957 drama Sorority Girl was part of a series of made-for-cable adaptations of old American International Pictures titles, prepared by original co-producer Samuel Z. Arkoff. Uli Edel captures just about the right over-the-top theatrics in this period drama, set at the end of the 1950s at a small college campus. Jamie Luner of TV's Profiler and Melrose Place, plays Sabrina, a troubled and sadistic co-ed newly arrived at college, who proceeds to try and dominate ... Full Synopsis
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Roger Corman's original 1957 movie Sorority Girl was a surprisingly complex character study, masquerading as a teen-exploitation film. Uli Edel's 1993 remake plays it more for laughs for most of its length, manipulating the audience at various points (twice -- when the villain Sabrina seems as though she's ready to run over a dog and then a family), but generally shooting for a humorous, smirky tone ... Read Review
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Confessions of Sorority Girls
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