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Christopher Columbus



Christopher Columbus
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NR,1hr 43min
January 1, 1949
VCI Video
Synopsis: Reverent to the point of tedium, Christopher Columbus stars Fredric March in the title role, and he's welcome to it. March's wife Florence Eldredge co-stars as Queen Isabella, who finances Columbus' expedition to find a westward route to India. After several reels devoted to table-top miniatures impersonating the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria (punctuated by rumbles of mutiny--no, not "rumble rumble, mutiny mutiny") Columbus reaches the New World. Though obviously filmed on an extravagant budget ... Full Synopsis
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Films centered around the man credited with "discovering" America tend to be on the dreary side, and 1949's Christopher Columbus is no exception. The producer threw a lot of money at the story, and it shows in the exquisite costumes, lavish sets and lush Technicolor. But it took more than Queen Isabella's money to make the real Columbus' voyage a success, and it would have taken more than money to ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Christopher Columbus
Isabella of Spain
Francisco de Bobadilla
Beatriz de Peraza
Museum security guard Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) can't believe it when a statue of Christopher...
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