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Cheers for Miss Bishop



Cheers for Miss Bishop
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1hr 35min
Synopsis: Something of a distaff Mr. Chips, schoolteacher Ella Bishop (Martha Scott) devotes her life to her work, ageing 50 years (from 19 to 69) in the course of the film. At a testimonial dinner on the occasion of her retirement, Miss Bishop's former students wonder why their beloved teacher never married. In flashback, the audience learns that town grocer Sam (William Gargan) has carried a torch for her for five decades, while she obliviously pursued unfortunate romantic relationships with weak-willed ... Full Synopsis
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Cheers for Miss Bishop would be pretty weak tea were it not for the presence of the luminous Martha Scott in the title role. Forget about Miss Bishop, it's Miss Scott who deserves to be cheered. For some reason, Scott didn't enjoy the kind of movie career that her talent warranted. She certainly demonstrates in Cheers that she could carry a movie single handedly, for this distaff rip-off of Goodbye ... Read Review
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Ella Bishop
Sam Peters
President Corcoran
Chris Jensen
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Cheers for Miss Bishop
Cheers for Miss Bishop
Cheers for Miss Bishop
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