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Cause of Death



Cause of Death
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R,1hr 35min
MTI Home Video
Synopsis: In this steamy thriller, Taylor Lewis (Patrick Bergin) is a district attorney who is assigned to prosecute Angela Carter (Joan Severance) when she's accused of murdering her husband -- who just so happens to be the mayor's cousin. However, the longer Lewis investigates the case, the more he begins to question the widow's guilt; what's more, he imagines he may be compromising his integrity when he finds himself falling in love with her. Cause of Death also stars Michael Ironside and Larry Day.


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Sort of a poor man's Basic Instinct, Cause of Death features a cunning and sensuous woman who seems to be using her wounded-angel posturing to get the men investigating the murder of her husband to not just take her side, but to put her on her back as well. A tip of the hat, then, to screenwriter Les Weldon who imparts more mystique than usual in this otherwise standard domestic murder mystery. Just ... Read Review
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Cause of Death
Cause of Death
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