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Carnosaur 2



Carnosaur 2
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R,1hr 23min
New Concorde
Synopsis: The dinosaurs are back, and they're getting hungrier by the minute in this sequel to the terror tale Carnosaur. There's been a call for help from a secret underground military facility deep in the Nevada desert, so a rescue team led by Maj. McQuade (Cliff De Young) and trouble-shooter Reed (John Savage) is sent out to investigate. When they arrive, the facility's staff are all dead -- the only living person they can find is a lost, disoriented teenager named Jesse (Ryan Thomas Johnson) who is wandering ... Full Synopsis
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Another movie in the Carnosaur franchise, another Hollywood blockbuster to knock off. This time, it's Aliens that gets the Roger Corman treatment, as a ragtag group of paramilitary commandos storms an isolated research base only to find that slumbering predators have awoken and left only one young survivor. Of course, instead of a beautifully H.R. Giger-designed alien world, a screaming blond moppet, ... Read Review
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Carnosaur 2
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