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Breaker! Breaker!



Breaker! Breaker!
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PG,1hr 35min
May 6, 1977
Synopsis: A typical Chuck Norris vehicle from the late '70s, Breaker! Breaker! is neither the first nor the last Hollywood attempt to translate the wide appeal of trucking into big-screen profits. Alhough, it is probably the least successful. In this "modern" Western, a small California town is ruled by the nefarious Judge Josh. Using CB technology, the Judge and his gang of henchman lure wayward truckers into their town in order to do them bodily harm. Eventually their evil ways catch up to them in the form ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Judge Trimmings
Arlene Trimmings
Sgt. Strode
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Breaker! Breaker!
Breaker! Breaker!
Breaker Breaker
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