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Boudu Saved from Drowning



Boudu Saved from Drowning
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NR,1hr 27min
November 1, 1932
Pathe Contemporary Films
Synopsis: Boudu (played by Michel Simon, who also produced the film) is a shaggy, foul-smelling tramp who is rescued from drowning by bourgeois Frenchman Charles Granval. Deciding to "reform" Boudu, Granval invites the hobo into his home. Boudu returns the favor by turning the household upside down and by conducting an affair with Granval's wife Marcella Hainia. All ends happily--for Boudu at least--when the tramp wins the national lottery and marries maid Severine Lerczynska, who is so delighted that she ... Full Synopsis
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Boudu Saved from Drowning [Criterion Collection]
Boudu Saved from Drowning
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