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NR,1hr 39min
Tva Films
Synopsis: A major moneymaker for RKO Radio, Bombardier stars Pat O'Brien and Randolph Scott as trainers at a school for bomber pilots. O'Brien and Scott argue over teaching methods, while their students vie for the affections of Anne Shirley. O'Brien's methods prove sound during a bombing raid over Tokyo. Scott and his crew are captured and tortured by the Japanese, but the mortally wounded Scott manages to set fire to a gas truck, providing a perfect target for his fellow bombardiers. Stylistically, Bombardier ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
A moderately entertaining propaganda film, Bombardier undoubtedly meant more to war time audiences than it will to modern viewers. In 1943, with the outcome of the war still in doubt, the go-for-it, get 'em boys attitude of Bombardier would have had an emotional resonance that will be lacking for audiences nowadays. As a result, the more obvious and blatant manipulations in the story and the black-and-white ... Read Review
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Maj. Chick Davis
Capt. Buck Oliver
Burt Hughes
Tom Hughes
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