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Blue Valentine



Blue Valentine
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R,1hr 54min
December 29, 2010
Weinstein Company
Synopsis: A relationship is charted from its promising beginning to its sad collapse in this independent drama from Derek Cianfrance. Dean (Ryan Gosling) meets Cindy (Michelle Williams) when they're in their late teens; he's working for a moving company, she's a college student visiting her elderly grandmother at a home for the elderly. Cindy is dating Bobby (Mike Vogel), her boyfriend from high school, but as she gets to know Dean better, a mutual attraction grows between them. Years later, Dean and Cindy ... Full Synopsis
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'Vertigo' (1958) If your memories of "Vertigo" are clouded by pretentious undergraduate coffeehouse...
'The Room' (2003) Speaking of so bad it's good, everyone's new favorite midnight movie is a terrific...
'Swept Away' (1974, 2002) This satire on class and romance is probably the most misogynistic movie...
'I Hate Valentine's Day' (2009) It seems only appropriate that a movie called "I Hate Valentine's...
'Antichrist' (2009) "Breaking the Waves" director Lars von Trier is also behind the second movie on...
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Blue Valentine
Blue Valentine [Blu-ray]
Blue Valentine [Blu-ray]
Blue Valentine
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