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Beau Brummell



Beau Brummell
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NR,1hr 53min
Synopsis: As an actor, British film star Stewart Granger was very handsome, but this is all that is required of him in Beau Brummell. Granger plays the famed 18th-century dandy and social arbiter who rises from poverty to become the adviser and severest critic of the Prince of Wales (marvelously portrayed as a self-involved neurotic by Peter Ustinov). Secure in his station in life, Brummell goes one step too far when he jokes about the Prince's obesity. The future King George IV will forget the whole thing ... Full Synopsis
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In an age that idolizes Rambo machismo, few movie companies would lay money on the line to tell the story of a man more interested in developing his wardrobe than his muscles. But in 1954, MGM plunked down hard cash to film the life of England's most famous dandy, George Bryan (Beau) Brummel (1778-1840), effectively giving birth to a cinema classic. Suave Stewart Granger, remembered for roles in historical ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Capt. George Brummel
Patricia Belham
Prince of Wales
George III
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