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Battle of the Coral Sea



Battle of the Coral Sea
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1hr 20min
Synopsis: The preparation for the Battle of the Coral Sea is the basis of this wartime drama. A submarine captained by Jeff Conway (Cliff Robertson) successfully scouts the location of enemy installations, ships, and subs and then starts to head back to friendly waters. Before chugging very far in that direction, the submarine is spotted and captured by the Japanese. The crew members are taken prisoner by an even-handed Commander Mori (Teru Shimada) and held on the Japanese forces' island base. While chaffing ... Full Synopsis
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The combination of content and title in Battle of the Coral Sea might just have (and perhaps should have) provoked riots, or at least angry complaints to theater managements back in 1959 -- mostly because the event known to history as the Battle of the Coral Sea is barely mentioned anywhere, except at the beginning and end of the film, and hardly more than glimpsed, and even the two minutes of footage ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Lt. Comdr. Jeff Conway
Karen Philips
Comdr. Mori
Lt. Peg Whitcomb
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Battle of the Coral Sea
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