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Assault on a Queen



Assault on a Queen
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1hr 50min
Olive Films
Synopsis: Assault on a Queen is a complex, exciting crime-caper film in which a gang of clever mercenaries try to rob the famous luxury liner, the Queen Mary. Mark Brittain (Frank Sinatra) is hired by wealthy Italian adventuress Rosa Lucchesi (Verna Lisi) and her German partner-in-crime, Eric Laufftiauer (Alf Kjellin) to refurbish a WWII German U-Boat and use it to hold the entire ship hostage while it is robbed. Scriptwriter Rod Serling does his best with an interesting, but rather implausible premise, and ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Mark Brittain
Rosa Lucchesi
Vic Rossiter
Tony Moreno
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Assault on a Queen
Assault on a Queen [Blu-ray]
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