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A Professional Gun



A Professional Gun
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1hr 45min
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Synopsis: This spaghetti western finds a despotic mine owner (Eduardo Fajardo) the target for revenge by the idealistic patriot Eufemio (Tony Musante). He hires Bill Douglas (Franco Nero) to incite a revolution that will oust the government and the greedy miner. Douglas agrees as long as his creature comforts are insured during the crossing of the unforgiving desert. Ricciolo (Jack Palance) is the mercenary working for the side of the mineowner. Ennio Morricone provides the music for this violent and humorous ... Full Synopsis
Featured Cast
Bill Douglas / Sergei Kowalski [in U.S. version]
Eufemio / Paco Ramon [in U.S. version]
Ricciolo / Curly [in U.S. version]
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Professional Gun
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