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36 Hours



36 Hours
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NR,1hr 55min
Warner Home Video
Synopsis: In 1950, Maj. Jefferson Pike (James Garner), an Army intelligence agent who served with distinction in World War II, awakens in a hospital with severe amnesia. He isn't sure where he is, how he got there, or even who the woman at his side is, even though the doctor tells him that her name is Anna (Eva Marie Saint) and that she is his wife. The doctor instructs Pike to recall, in as much detail as possible, what he was doing before the accident that caused his traumatic memory loss. But the doctor ... Full Synopsis
Critics' Reviews
36 Hours has a premise that's intriguing but which also stretches credulity past what many viewers will consider the breaking point: would Nazi officials in desperate need of extracting vital information about the planned Allied landing really resort to an elaborate hoax to coax it out of an American officer, rather than simply devise a more direct method of interrogation? And even if they did opt ... Read Review
Featured Cast
Maj. Jefferson Pike
Anna Hedler
Maj. Walter Gerber
Otto Schack
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36 Hours
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