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101 Dalmatians



101 Dalmatians
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G,1hr 19min
January 25, 1961
Buena Vista
Synopsis: This Disney animated classic is based on the children's story by Dodie Smith. The story involves the canine pets of a struggling composer and his wife: Dalmatians Pongo (male) and Perdita (female). Perdita gives birth to fifteen spotted pups, cuing the entrance of the scheming Cruella De Vil. She demands that the dogs' owners sell her the pups, but she is shown the door instead. Under cover of night, Cruella arranges for the pups to be stolen. The human police are baffled, but the "dog network" is ... Full Synopsis
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Jasper/Miscellaneous Dogs
Cruella De Vil, Miss Birdwell
Nani, Goose, Cow
Glenn Close (in character) attends the New York premiere of "101 Dalmatians" on Nov. 18, 1996.
In honor of four upcoming dog-centered films, we offer our favorite, not-so-obvious canine...
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101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians [Platinum Edition] [2 Discs]
101 Dalmatas [Edicion Especial]
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