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Posted: 5/4/2008A review of Two-Lane Blacktop by BrotherLouie9
Sometimes I just do not understand what I'm missing. There I was reading an article about the need to rethink the assigning of some classic films to top-ten status, and I see that the reviewer says that although "Easy Rider" is not the great movie that it is given credit for being (with which I agree), it led to great movies like "Nashville", "Badlands" and "Two-Lane Blacktop". "Two-Lane Blacktop"!!??!! You've got to be kidding me! Listen: I am so dedicated to the process of movie-watching that I have always sat through the entire movie, all the way through the closing credits, even if I did not like the movie. I have always been like that. It's akin to a religious precept. Well, in the '70's when I saw this movie, I was so completely bored - as never before or since - that I felt I was watching something that had absolutely no value to it and I was compelled to walk out of the theater well before the end of it. That was the only time I ever did that. The story was in the very slow lane, the writing was stalled, and the actors should have paid a toll for subjecting us to it all. I had relegated this movie to the dust bin and presumed that everyone else had also and that I'd never hear of it again except perhaps in James Taylor's epitaph, and now I read that someone with some influence thinks that it's a gem. Trust me: it is not. And I am open-minded and would normally be tempted to revisit the movie, and see if I was wrong, or distracted that day thirty-something years ago in a sub-standard theater. Maybe it's better in dolby stereo and a better screen. But I hated this movie so much, that I would rather seek out Thelma and Louise and treat them like crap and bear the consequences than see this movie again.
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