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Posted: 2/27/2003A review of The Nutty Professor by lowellv70
Best effort from Lewis since ";The Errand Boy"; in a spoof of 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'. Julius Kelp is a college chemistry Professor who seems to have his troubles in the eloquence and co-ordination department. To confound matters, a beautiful co-ed named Stella Purdee has caught his fancy and very self-conscious but anxious to impress her, he invents a formula to give him the personality change he thinks she can respect in the form of a very hip alter ego named Buddy Love. Ultimately, Kelp cannot escape his own miscalculations and finds that his concoction is more unstable than he needs forcing him into difficult decisions about where this can all lead. Although Jerry is a little more schmaltzy in his performance, he delivers a wonderful confession at the climax that is worth the wait. Good Family Comedy First Tall Vic Tanny's Man: Richard Kiel
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