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Posted: 2/24/2003A review of The Abyss by lowellv70
A skillful blend of James Cameron; designer, Ron Cobb; and the computer effects of ILM combine with a fine ensemble to make an engaging and suspensefully riveting drama with a unique twist on adaptive extraterrestrial cultures. DEEPCORE is an underwater oil refinery and an elaborate experiment with a goal of tapping hidden mineral deposits at the ocean floor. When a Top Secret nuclear sub becomes incapacitated near an abyss on the Continental Shelf, DEEPCORE is commandeered by the military in a semi-fanatical attempt to either preserve the sub's advanced weaponry from the Soviets, or to cover up the bizarre information its radar recorded before it was disabled; we're never quite sure. But even governmental blundering cannot conceal a close encounter of a new kind. A blockbuster from Summer 1990, and well deserved.
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