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Sophie Scholl -- The Final Days


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Posted: 2/15/2006A review of Sophie Scholl -- The Final Days by swany305
Our judges for Heartland Film Festivals Truly Moving Picture award saw this film on February 14, 2006 in Indianapolis. A Truly Moving Picture explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for the positive values of life. Heartland gave that award to this film. 1942 Germany is starting to have serious war setbacks including immense casualties at Stalingrad, and the Allies are getting stronger, united in the destruction of the Third Reich. Within Germany, students with mimeograph machines try to educate and motivate other students to rally and protest. These students have to do this clandestinely because their activities are considered high treason since there was no freedom of speech at this time. Sophie Scholl and her older brother Hans are caught distributing some of this anti-(@ literature. From here, the film focuses on the 21-year old Sophie, mature far beyond her years , as she in interrogated over a period of days. The film was moving because it showed the bravery of some young people in Germany during World War II and their shame and disgust for their countrys murder of Jews, mentally ill and women and children of occupied countries. Sophies religious beliefs were inspiring. She did not blame her God, nor did she feel forsaken. God was simply her strength whom she humbly called upon when she needed it most. The impact of this film is as powerful as large-budgeted films with similar themes like Schindlers List and A Man For All Seasons. It has been nominated for an Oscar as Best Foreign Picture this year, a nomination rightly deserved. FYI There is a Truly Moving Pictures web site where there is a listing of past Truly Moving Picture Award winners that are now either at the theater or available on video.
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