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No Blade of Grass


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Posted: 6/14/2003A review of No Blade of Grass by idahoguy624
Hellowhoever wrote the first review "did not" read the book. First no insane biker gangs, go watch madmax.Two the brother in the sancturary is not ruthless, the place is full of refugees and they will not let anyone else in. He wants his brother to come in but he is not in control.Three while the background of the story is world devestation what makes this a very interesting book to read movie to watch is the characters.How do people react to traumatic change. Some focus and become stronger than in the "normal" world. Others fall apart. Similar to On The Beach but with , I think, more realistic character development. Not the stoic waiting for the end, stiff upper lip stuff. Some become moral savages, others try to maintain some sense of decency. take care
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