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Posted: 12/29/2003A review of McHale's Navy by SviSvi
When good ideas go bad! Or, how to tarnish the reputation of a TV series! I’m still waiting for that class-action lawsuit to be filed by the US Navy. But then again, if guys like McHale are being allowed to run amok, they’d probably keep it all hush-hush. Note to self-do not visit San Moreno anytime soon. It’s been flooded by McHale products; or, metaphorically speaking, US capitalism and commercialism. It’s also a safe-haven for terrorist cells and corruption! Talk about a travelogue advertisement. There were allot of TV series translated into celluloid during the ‘90’s, but this one takes the cake for the most abysmal production. Not even the Village People tap-dancing on my living room rug could encourage me to join this mothball, ragtag, fleet of ‘sailors’ whom would deservedly be shipped-out to permanent assignment in Iraq under my watch.
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