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0 out of 0 users found this helpful  Please dont rent this!
Posted: 11/14/2005A review of Last Days by Chricket8
I actually watched the last 45 minutes of this movie in fast forward. And I didnt miss anything! This movie could have been 20 minutes long and still accomplished what it did. Almost nothing. I dont mind a slower movie, but the pace in this one was excruciatingly slow. I dont remember the last time I was so bored, and in hindsight I wonder why I even finished the movie at all. Even in fast forward. This review may seem harsh, but I feel this movie is a waste of money, but more important, TIME. Dont waste your time on this one. Watching paint dry would be less mind-numbing.
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4 out of 5 users found this helpful  Last Days
Posted: 10/28/2005A review of Last Days by Zucc2
When I first saw the trailer for Last Days I could only sum it up by one word, Excitement! I love Kurt Cobain and have always been a huge Nirvana fan. I immediatly researched who was directing the film as I judge a lot of movies by the director, not necessarily the actors. When I saw the name Gus Van Sant as well as a snipet that it was modeled after Gerry and Elephant my excitement came to an abrupt halt. I actually rented Gerry a long time ago and found it a chore to sit through. I wouldnt even really call it a movie nor would I know what to call it. All I remember of the film was two guys walking around in a dessert with almost no dialogue between them. It was then that I realized Last Days would be the same type of film. Kurt er Blake, would be walking around his mansion, mubling, doing absolutely nothing. As it turned out that is exactly what the movie portrayed. The Kurt character played by Michael Pitt, walked around his house, around his back yard, watched TV, ate Chocolate Coco Puffs along with Mac Cheese, passed out here and there, and then finally died. Gus Van Sant is really into making films about absolutely nothing. Granted they are realistic, but nobody wants to watch somebody walking around a house for 98 minutes. I cant believe this is the same guy who directed Good Will Hunting. Gus, you need to wake up man! If by some chance you read this, Im begging you to snap out of it! Please! Your a talented director who could of made a real movie about Kurt Cobain vs. Last Days. I really hope someday, somebody will direct a REAL movie abour Kurt with a REAL story driving the picture. The worst part is Michael Pitt would have been a great actor to play Kurt in a REAL movie. I know a lot of you out there will rent Last Days just because your Nirvana fans. Trust me...its just not worth it. -Z
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