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Posted: 2/2/2013A review of Goats by hello323
This film is typically what I would describe as a movie that is more so about telling a narrative with very little high or low--the mood/tone of the film was generally a sobering feel of how disappointing life can be for an individual. Despite the protagonist feeling trapped with nowhere to go (it honestly felt like it was one disappointment after another with little tiny rays of hope ie: the girl, cross country and good grades but even then one of them ends up being a disappointment as well) he pushes on, survives and eventually ends in some sort of happiness. If blockbuster films are typically straight forward in that they're typically exciting, suspenseful, and dramatic, this movie is a change of pace. It's slow in delivery but the characters are rich and the ending doesn't really produce a conclusion that gives much closure other than it's no longer as "sobering" as the rest of the film.
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