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0 out of 0 users found this helpful  Not what I expected
Posted: 2/17/2013A review of Beautiful Creatures by MzDee84
Don't watch this movie expecting it to be like the book or comparing it to Twilight. The book is so much better. Actually reading the book helps explain the story because everything was confusing and rushed.The characters were mixed up and parts of the plot were wrong. They barely explained the significance of the locket. I saw the previews for the movie before I read the book and the movie looked interesting, but now I'm just going to continue reading the rest of the books. I don't think they could pull off a Twilight saga with this one. I wouldn't see this movie again or watch a sequel. The person I saw it with hadn't read the book, and he thought it was okay except for the ending.
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0 out of 1 users found this helpful  Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Movie
Posted: 2/16/2013A review of Beautiful Creatures by OftImitated
I'm told the movie diverges significantly from the book. I expect this; you can't fit such a thick book into a 2 hour movie. You can't expect it to. The movie is GREAT. It works. It's a supernatural love story and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. The effects are awesomely thrilling (with a single exception at the very end where Lena 'confronts' a ghost) and allow you to suspend your disbelief. The love story is perfectly defined and sublime; you know its happening but it doesn't intrude itself so much into the story that it overwhelms everything (re: Twilight). All in all, a great movie I'm looking forward to seeing again.
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0 out of 0 users found this helpful  Beautiful Disaster, EPIC FAIL
Posted: 2/15/2013A review of Beautiful Creatures by River27
Tonight I was unfortunate enough to sit through 2 hours of this complete disappointment of a film (I know the movie is 2 hours and 4 minutes long, however, I was running late and walked into the showing after 4 minutes in.) Where do I start...there was SO much wrong with this adaptation. I suppose it would help if I mentioned that the movie version of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES makes TWILIGHT look like a masterpiece in comparison. As someone who read the entire series, I was not shocked when I learned that some scenes would be omitted from the big screen. I was, however, PISSED OFF and utterly ANNOYED by how BAD the flow of this movie was. Not only were some of the scenes in this movie unnecessary, but for a good 80% of the movie the sequence of events never really flowed. I felt like I was sitting in for a group of film editors who got a little too carried away with more important things than to make this movie enjoyable, or at the very least, cohesive. Moving on. Again, I know that as readers we all envision characters in a novel to act or look a certain way and while I'm willing to overlook that fact that Ethan didn't look like an Ethan or that Lena didn't come even close to the semi-gothic outsider that I imagined in my head, I cannot for the life of me understand what was going through the director's mind when he said 'action.' In certain parts of the movie when things get a little more 'serious' it amazes me how often Ethan Wate smiles and laughs for no apparent reason. Not only was it out of character, but I swear, most of the time he was so jittery that he looked like he was hooked on Speed. And even Lena, granted she had some witty comebacks for the popular chicks, she seemed liked she was suffering from a real case of Bi-polar disorder. And finally --- though there is so much WRONG with this film that I honestly could go on --- what the hell is up with all the insta-love in YA films? From the moment that Ethan and Lena meet they act a...
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