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The Crew



The Crew
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R,1hr 39min
This melodrama explores class differences, bigotry, and alternative lifestyles aboard a pleasure cruise that is anything but. The five main characters all eagerly anticipate their upcoming cruise through the Bahamas on a small yacht. The hero, Bill, still devastated by his alcoholic mother's suicide, is accompanying his wife Jennifer. Her brother Phillip, an anal-retentive and bigoted lawyer, owns the yacht. Included on the trip are Alex, a rock musician and his date Catherine who possesses a secret. Their smooth sailing is disrupted when they are boarded by two passengers whose boat met with disaster. The first, Tim, is a man who recently had a sex-change. The second is Camilla, a South American whom he is sneaking into the U.S. so he can pay for his operation. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi
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