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The labyrinthine Bollywood melodrama Sauda (AKA The Deal, 2005) centers around a conniving young billionaire, Vijay Oberoi (Sanjay Kapoor) who lives in the Bombay area. Upon discovering the sexy and desirable painter Devika (Priti Jhangiani) at a local gallery, Vijay immediately plots and schemes to win her - despite the fact that she's already married, which scarcely phases him. Devika's husband, the genial aspiring entrepreneur Sameer (Aryan Vaid) dreams of landing his first big business opportunity; meanwhile, the couple's longtime friend, fashion model Monica (Suman Rangnathan) mingles with Bombay's elite and gains some extremely powerful, covetable social connections. When Monica learns of Sameer's plans to launch a new business, she's instantly delighted and agrees to use her contacts to help. But in truth, Monica is a shady, underhanded conniver who has lusted and pined over Sameer for ages and will do virtually anything to destroy the couple's marriage. Enter Vijay, whom Monica contacts on Sameer's behalf. The wealthy young man offers Monica a deal that is difficult to refuse: he agrees to fund Sameer's business on the condition that Devika sleep with him. Realizing that this will be the ticket to free Sameer from the confines of marriage, Monica is delighted to make this happen. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi
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