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No Skin off My Ass



No Skin off My Ass
Anonymous (2004)
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1hr 22min
A flamboyant hairdresser falls in love with a handsome, seemingly mute young skinhead in Bruce LaBruce's stylized, sexually explicit look at young punks in love. The Hairdresser (LaBruce), clad in gothic attire and copious adornments, spies The Skinhead (Klaus von Brucker) one day in the park near his home. He brings the seemingly heterosexual, enticingly dangerous-looking boy home, bathes him, goes swimming with him, and eventually imprisons him. After the detainee makes a surreptitious run for it and willingly returns, he eventually engages in extremely inventive gay sex with his captor. Through it all, The Hairdresser remains unaware that the object of his obsession is actually capable of speaking -- and quite willingly homosexual himself. It's only through the intercession of The Skinhead's sister Jonesy (G.B. Jones), a kooky lesbian filmmaker, that the young lovers move past their ritualized, symbolic sexual roles and settle into happy domesticity, uniforms and all. The debut feature from Canadian filmmaker and artist Bruce LaBruce, No Skin off My Ass reunited the filmmaker with G.B. Jones, his collaborator on the early "homocore" 'zine J.D.s, which helped fuel the late-'80s collision of gay and punk subcultures. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi
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