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Family Sins



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Based on a true story, this harrowing made-for-TV drama centers upon a New Hampshire family headed by ebullient suburban mom Brenda Geck (Kirstie Alley). Much beloved in her community for her many philanthropic enterprises, not least of which is the adoption of several abandoned children, Brenda outwardly seems to be the perfect matriarch of the perfect household. Tragically, nothing can be further from the truth: The bipolar Brenda cruelly and violently manipulates those under her roof to do exactly what she wants, including shoplifting and arson--and God help anyone who gets in her way. Only when her adopted daughter Marie (Denna Milligan), who may have been impregnated by Brenda's biological son, and whose birth mother Nadine (Kathleen Wilhoite) has been held prisoner in the Geck cellar for decades, manages to escape Brenda's clutches is the outside world apprised of the sordid facts. Astonishingly, no one is willing to believe Marie's story--no one, that is, except prosecutor Philip Rothman (Will Patton), and even he is stymied by the beleaguered Nadine's unwillingness to say anything negative about the Gecks! Family Sins first aired March 14, 2004 on CBS. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi
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