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Wind River


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AMG Review
Buzz McClain
Based on the memories of a real-life Pony Express rider, Wind River is a competent modern Western (modern in the sense that the Native Americans are not necessarily the savage villains) that is geared for families but is saddled with an undeserving PG-13 rating for violence. True, there are tomahawk fights, arrow shots that kill, and a few guns, but the material in between the few action scenes are G-rated mild, with the occasional fascinating detail to perk up interest. Young Nick's apprenticeship into Indianhood, where he learns the ways of the earthily spiritual Shoshone, is the best sequence because it reveals the cultural contrast between the natives and the settlers. That, and learning how to shoot a bow and arrow -- that's pretty cool. Wes Studi, so good as the menacing warrior in 1992's The Last of the Mohicans, and Karen Allen lend veteran weight to a cast of otherwise inexperienced actors given to overacting. Sets and costumes are very believable, and the Utah scenery is gorgeous. Overall, Wind River is the kind of action- adventure adults can share with their preteens and enjoy it just as much. ~ Buzz McClain, Rovi
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