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The Truth About Demons


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AMG Review
Jonathan Crow
Like all good B-movies, The Irrefutable Truth About Demons brings a bag full of cliches and conventions to the screen and reassembles them into something that, if not radically new, is clever and entertaining. While the plot itself is pretty silly, the thrills and chills are fast and frequent, featuring baddies leaping out from street corners, ghoulish dream sequences, and one of the most weirdly romantic endings in recent memory. Standrig creates a sustained mood of dread and desperation without seeming heavy-handed. Moreover, Demons is filled with little details that keep the film fresh: the Satanist punks resemble Lollapalooza refugees, Benny looks like a second-hand Cinderella with funky shoes, glitter, and gobs of blue eye shadow, and Auckland's inky streets seem to radiate with malevolence. Demons is a loopy, wild ride that engages and unnerves. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi
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