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The Age of Consent


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AMG Review
Craig Butler
Although The Age of Consent is of only average interest as a film, as a social document, it is quite enthralling. Made in 1932, before the Production Code cut out any serious discussions of sex, Consent is a very frank film that really has only sex on its mind. That's as it should be, as Consent is all about how the extreme hormonal urges of the young can provide a very real distraction and conflict for those of college age. While the language that is used here is far less "blue" than it would be in a modern film, the subject of sexual activity is very much in evidence and is the impetus for everything that happens in the film, in one way or another. That it isn't told in a more original manner, and that the drama is fairly hackneyed, is unfortunate; strip away the fact that these kids are interested in what goes on in the bedroom and one is left with a very conventional and not terribly original screenplay. Still, Gregory La Cava's direction is solid and in tune, and he gets some nice performances from a young and non-starry cast. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi
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