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Out for Justice


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Aubry Anne D'Arminio
Out for Justice joins Above the Law, Hard to Kill, and Marked for Death to complete the gaggle of three-word titles that began Steven Seagal's career. The actor's first return to screenwriting since Above the Law, Out for Justice wholly resembles its predecessor -- both films feature Seagal as an Italian-American police detective who is devoted to his urban community, his anti-drug/anti-crime message, and his belief in vigilante justice. Such an attitude allows Seagal to guiltlessly pummel scores of thugs, dumbfounding the audience with flawlessly executed violence and unfathomable stamina. Yet, the mark of Seagal's better films is the combination of his heroics with the skills of established actors -- Pam Grier and Henry Silva in Above the Law, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey in Under Siege. Out for Justice is his faltering attempt to stand alone. Veteran actors Jerry Orbach and William Forsythe perform nonexistent or stereotypical roles. Attractive up-and-comers Gina Gershon and Julianna Margulies are foolishly underutilized. As a result, Seagal is front and center with his impressive stunts, but also with his faltering Brooklyn accent, vain posturing, and self-indulgent speeches. Out for Justice has a bigger budget than all of Seagal's previous efforts, but it feels the cheapest; it is a fun film, and a violent film, but not a good film. ~ Aubry Anne D'Arminio, Rovi
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