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Mike DiBella
After making a directorial name for himself with Disney's Splash in 1984, Ron Howard came back a year later with this uplifting extraterrestrial/fountain of youth picture. With a very talented (and mostly geriatric) cast that included Hume Cronin, Don Ameche and Wilford Brimley, the film presents a positive outlook on the eternal questions posed by life and death. Cocoon seamlessly combines playful and sorrowful elements as it ponders the puzzling dilemmas of the aged. The supporting cast members, most notably Steve Guttenberg and Brian Denehy, are stronly glued to the spirit of the film. The expansive scope and focus of the film is hammered home by the insightful performances of Cronin, Ameche and Brimley. Although peaceful aliens fell out of vogue in 1990s cinema, Cocoon's E.T.-esque qualities still resonate. ~ Mike DiBella, Rovi
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