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Acción Mutante


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AMG Review
Jason Buchanan
Troma sensibility meets Pedro Almodovar style in this ultraviolent anarchic satire where chaos reins supreme. A bizarre cross between Robocop and Freaks, director Alex DelaIglesia's freshman effort is a scattershot but fast-paced and amusingly goofy farce for those with a strong stomach and affection for low-brow humor. Obsessed with making the world a safe and happy place for the less fortunate in society, a group of likeably dimwitted crippled antiheroes terrorize the trendiest if elitist society. Taking sharp aim at everything from the rampant and blood-lusting sensationalism of the evening news to the brutality that can occur if law enforcement goes unchecked, director DelaIglesia's skills for parody aren't quite as sharp as they would become in his later efforts (Day of the Beast, La Comunidad), though the pacing and sheer energy of the film are enough to keep the laugh/gag reflex from becoming too relaxed. Though this film gained delaIglesia's recognition for his style and audacity, it was Beast that would put the directors name on the map, quickly becoming a midnight movie staple and concreting his outlandishly deviant style with a garnish of abrasive black humor. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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