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The Scarlet Letter


Cast & Crew

Featured Cast
Hester Prynne
Arthur Dimmesdale
Roger Chillingworth
The Governor
Lillian Gish Hester Prynne
Lars Hanson Arthur Dimmesdale
Henry B. Walthall Roger Chillingworth
Karl Dane Giles
William H. Tooker The Governor
Marcelle Corday Mistress Hibbins
Fred Herzog Jailer
Mary Hawes Patience
Jules Cowles The Beadle
Joyce Coad Pearl
James Marcus A Sea Captain
Polly Moran Townswoman
Frances Marion Screenwriter
Hendrik Sartov Cinematographer
Max Ree Costume Designer
Hugh Wynn Editor
Cedric Gibbons Set Designer
Sidney Ullman Set Designer
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