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The Prince and the Pauper


Cast & Crew

Featured Cast
Miles Hendon
Prince Edward, Tom Canty
John Canty
The Ruffler
Oliver Reed Miles Hendon
Mark Lester Prince Edward, Tom Canty
Ernest Borgnine John Canty
George C. Scott The Ruffler
Rex Harrison Norfolk
David Hemmings Hugh Hendon
Charlton Heston Henry VIII
Harry Andrews Hertford
Murray Melvin The Prince's Dresser
Sybil Danning Mother Canty
Felicity Dean Lady Jane Grey
Lalla Ward Princess Elizabeth
Julian Orchard St. John
Graham Stark Jester
Preston Lockwood Father Andrew
Dan Meaden 1st Guard
Don Henderson Burly Ruffian
Roy Evans Night Owl
William Lawford Mandrake
Peter O'Farrell Linklight
Anthony Sharp Dr. Buttes
Peter Cellier Mean Man
Andrew Lodge Capt. of the Guard
Dervis Ward Forester
Michael Ripper Edith's Servant
Tommy Wright Constable
Ilya Salkind Producer
Pierre Spengler Producer, Screenwriter
Berta Dominguez Screenwriter
Berta Dominguez D. Screenwriter
Maurice Jarre Composer (Music Score)
Jack Cardiff Cinematographer
Sally Gilpin Choreography
Mark Twain Book Author
Judy Moorcraft Costume Designer
Ulla-Britt Soderlund Costume Designer
Erich Wolfgang Korngold Featured Music
Nigel Wooll First Assistant Director
Anthony Pratt Production Designer
Roy Charman Sound/Sound Designer
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