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Planet of the Apes


Cast & Crew

Featured Cast
President of the Assembly
James Whitmore President of the Assembly
James Daly Honorius
Diane Stanley Female Astronaut
Norman Burton Hunt Leader
Wright King Dr. Galen
Paul Lambert Minister
Mort Abrahams Producer
Michael Wilson Screenwriter
Rod Serling Screenwriter
Jerry Goldsmith Composer (Music Score)
Leon Shamroy Cinematographer
Jack Martin Smith Art Director
William J. Creber Art Director
Pierre Boulle Book Author
Morton Haack Costume Designer
William Kissell First Assistant Director
Ben Nye, Sr. Makeup
John Chambers Makeup Special Effects
Norman Rockett Set Designer
Walter Scott Set Designer
David Dockendorf Sound/Sound Designer
Herman Lewis Sound/Sound Designer
Art Cruickshank Special Effects
Emil Kosa, Jr. Special Effects
L.B. Abbott Special Effects
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