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Oz the Great and Powerful


Cast & Crew

Featured Cast
Theodora/Wicked Witch of the West
Master Tinker
Mila Kunis Theodora/Wicked Witch of the West
Rachel Weisz Evanora
Michelle Williams Annie/Glinda
Zach Braff Frank/Finley
Bill Cobbs Master Tinker
Joey King Girl in Wheelchair/China Girl
Tony Cox Knuck
Bruce Campbell Winkie Gate Keeper
Ted Raimi Skeptic in Audience.
Tim Holmes Strongman
Toni Wynne Strongman's Wife
Rob Crites Firebreather
William Dick Front Gate Barker
Gene Jones Wild West Barker
John Lord Booth III Oz's Tent Barker
Suzanne Keilly Concessioner
Shannon Murray Girl in Wheelchair's Mother
Ralph Lister Girl in Wheelchair's Father
John Michael Manfredi Disgruntled Kansas Man
Robert Stromberg Disgruntled Kansas Man
Channing Pierce Coochie Girl
Julie Gershenson Quadling Greeter
Daniel Nelson Quadling Man with Flowers
T.J. Jagodowski Quadling Mayor
John Paxton Elder Tinker
Melissa Exelberth Quadling Woman with Broom
Steve Forbes Quadling Farmer
Arnold Agee Quadling Blacksmith
Deborah Puette Quadling Baker
Julius Kline Quadling Scarecrow Maker
Theresa Tilly Quadling Seamstress
Betsy Baker Quadling Woman
Ellen Sandweiss Quadling Woman
Isabella Shepard Quadling Child
Sasha Reynolds Quadling Child
Ja'vonne Cousin Quadling Child
Victoria Lurz Quadling Child
Dashiell Raimi Quadling Bugle Boy
Oliver Raimi Quadling Drummer Boy
Brandon Hamilton Singing/Dancing Munchkin
Stevie "Puppet" Lee Munchkin Carriage Driver
Martin Klebba Munchkin Rebel
Danielle Ragland Female Munchkin Rebel
Bart McCarthy Emerald City Man
Timothy Patrick Quill Emerald City Man
Nicholas Lindsay-Abaire Emerald City Boy
Bill E. Rogers Emerald City Citizen
Mia Serafino Emerald City Citizen
Mikayla Bouchard Emerald City Citizen
Emma Raimi Emerald City Citizen
Jay Schwalm Emerald City Citizen
Jim Bird Emerald City Citizen
Chester Guilmet Emerald City Citizen
Jim Moll Emerald City Citizen
Danny Hicks Emerald City Citizen
Lanika Wise Emerald City Citizen
Nellie Ann Pristine-Lowery Emerald City Citizen
Jayne Violassi Emerald City Citizen
Wendy Cutler Emerald City Citizen
Kenneth D. Ciszewski Emerald City Citizen
Bob Buck Emerald City Citizen
Sam Raimi Director
Joe Roth Producer
K.C. Hodenfield Co-producer, First Assistant Director
Tamara Watts Kent Co-producer, Visual Effects Producer
W. Mark McNair Co-producer, Unit Production Manager
David Lindsay-Abaire Screenwriter
Mitchell Kapner Screenwriter, Screen Story
Danny Elfman Composer (Music Score)
Peter Deming Cinematographer
Grant Curtis Executive Producer
Joshua Donen Executive Producer
Palak Patel Executive Producer
Philip Steuer Executive Producer, Unit Production Manager
Ed Marsh 3D Supervisor
Elaine Wu Animator
Marcos Romero Animator
Sony Pictures Imageworks Animator, Visual Effects
Andrew R. Jones Art Director
Domenic Silvestri Art Director
Ian McFadyen Art Director
John Lord Booth III Art Director
Meghan C. Rogers Art Director
Jessica Jones Assistant Editor
Lara Mazzawi Assistant Editor
L. Frank Baum Book Author
Kim Marks Camera Operator
Patrick Rousseau Camera Operator
Gary Jones Costume Designer
Michael Kutsche Costume Designer
John Casey Costumes Supervisor
Yolanda Toussieng Department Head Hair
Vivian Baker Department Head Makeup
Bob Murawski Editor
Tracy Dixon Extra Casting
Dov Samuel First Assistant Editor
Jeannette Moriarty Hair Designer
Denise Baker Hair Styles
Linda Rizzuto Hair Styles
Tanya Walker Hair Styles
Bree Shea Makeup
Gregory Nicotero Makeup Special Effects
Howard Berger Makeup Special Effects
KNB EFX Makeup Special Effects
Sean Gowrie Production Coordinator
Robert Stromberg Production Designer
Brittney Nance Production Supervisor
Matthew Hirsch Production Supervisor
Jeff Okabayashi Second Assistant Director
Jeffrey Schwartz Second Assistant Director
Diana Stulic Ibanez Senior Visual Effects Producer
Nancy Haigh Set Decorator
Adriana Dardas Set Designer
Andrew Reeder Set Designer
Bria Kinter Set Designer
Chad S. Frey Set Designer
Eaton Smith Set Designer
Erick Donaldson Set Designer
Jane Wuu Set Designer
Jeff Markwith Set Designer
Julia Levine Set Designer
Tetsuo "Tex" Kadonaga Set Designer
Peter Hliddal Sound Mixer
John Frazier Special Effects Coordinator
Jim Schwalm Special Effects Supervisor
Scott Rogers Stunts Coordinator
Raphael Pimentel Supervising Animator
Troy Saliba Supervising Animator
Stefan Dechant Supervising Art Director
Todd Cherniawsky Supervising Art Director
Digiscope Visual Effects
Evil Eye Pictures Visual Effects
Luma Pictures Visual Effects
Method Studios Visual Effects
Christopher Blasko Visual Effects Coordinator
Dianne Hardy Visual Effects Coordinator
Eric Withee Visual Effects Coordinator
Jeff Reeves Visual Effects Coordinator
Ozzy Inguanzo Visual Effects Coordinator
Allen Cappuccilli Visual Effects Editor
Jody Fedele Visual Effects Editor
Roxanne Dorman Visual Effects Editor
Debbie Denise Visual Effects Executive Producer
Andy Foster Visual Effects Producer
Christian Hejnal Visual Effects Producer
John L. Jack Visual Effects Producer
Mary Stuart Visual Effects Producer
Steven Swanson Visual Effects Producer
Daniel P. Rosen Visual Effects Supervisor
Dion Hatch Visual Effects Supervisor
Matt Dessero Visual Effects Supervisor
Matt McDonald Visual Effects Supervisor
Payam Shohadai Visual Effects Supervisor
Scott Stokdyk Visual Effects Supervisor
Vincent Cirelli Visual Effects Supervisor
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