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Great Expectations


Cast & Crew

Featured Cast
Estella/Her Mother
Abel Magwitch
Herbert Pocket
Estella as a girl
Valerie Hobson Estella/Her Mother
Finlay Currie Abel Magwitch
Alec Guinness Herbert Pocket
Jean Simmons Estella as a girl
Ivor Barnard Wemmick
Freda Jackson Mrs. Joe
Bernard Miles Joe Gargery
Martita Hunt Miss Havisham
Hay Petrie Uncle Pumblechook
Everley Gregg Sarah Pocket
George Hayes Compeyson
Torin Thatcher Bentley Drummil
Anthony Wager Pip as a boy
John Forrest Herbert as a boy, The Pale Young Gentleman
O.B. Clarence The Aged Parent
John Burch Mr. Wopsle
Gordon Begg Night Porter
Edie Martin Mrs. Whimple
Walford Hyden Dancing Master
David Lean Director, Screenwriter
Ronald Neame Producer, Screenwriter
Anthony Havelock-Allan Screenwriter, Executive Producer
Cecil McGivern Screenwriter
Kay Walsh Screenwriter
Walter Goehr Composer (Music Score)
Guy Green Cinematographer
Wilfred Shingleton Art Director
Charles Dickens Book Author
Sophia Harris Costume Designer
Jack Harris Editor
George Pollock First Assistant Director
John Bryan Production Designer
Norman Spencer Production Manager
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