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Accuser of 'X-Men' director seeks case dismissal

HONOLULU (AP) — A former child model accusing "X-Men" director Bryan Singer of sex abuse in Hawaii said he wants to dismiss the lawsuit — not because it lacks merit but because he can't find a new attorney to represent him.

Michael Egan III said in a court filing Wednesday that he previously sought the dismissal in sealed documents in federal court in Honolulu. He wants the case dismissed without prejudice, meaning he could file it again later.

His motion to dismiss "has little to do with the strength of (Singer's) defense, but rather, it is a consequence of the current circumstances regarding my case, my lack of legal counsel, and my inability to proceed in this matter acting on my own behalf," Egan said in his latest filing.

Egan's former attorneys asked to be removed from the case after their relationship with him deteriorated.

Singer has filed papers saying he wants the case dismissed with prejudice, with costs and fees imposed against Egan.

"By allowing Egan to walk away from this lawsuit now — without any consequences whatsoever — would be inherently prejudicial to Singer," his attorneys said in court papers.

The attorneys said Singer must be given the opportunity to clear his name and "dispose of Egan's malicious lawsuit once and for all."

Egan, 31, accuses Singer of sexually abusing him during trips to Hawaii when Egan was 17 in 1999. Singer has denied the allegations. Egan previously dropped three similar Hawaii lawsuits against other entertainment figures.

The lawsuits were filed under an unusual state law that created a window for civil cases in sex-abuse cases when the statute of limitations has passed.

Singer's Los Angeles attorneys didn't immediately respond to requests for comment on Egan's recent filing. One of the lawyers, Marty Singer, who is not related to the director, previously said in a statement that Egan's lawyers were willing to settle the case for a low amount, demonstrating a lack of confidence in their chances for success. The amount was not specified.

Egan's latest filing lists a phone number for Vince Finaldi, an Irvine, California, attorney who Egan said is advising him but not officially representing him. That lawyer didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

A judge denied Egan's request for a 180-day continuance of a hearing set for next month on Singer's motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

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Aug 21, 2014 1:54PM

Most likely can't find an attorney because the case is bogus.....face it, any lawyer who thought they had a chance of winning would be all over this case!

Aug 21, 2014 5:01PM
The way this article sounds the guy saying he was abused is just trying to see if he can get a free settlement without having to go to court for real. It appears he is a total fraud. He has filed and dropped charges against three other entertainment figures meaning he is a fake and doesn't stand a chance to win unless he can find someone willing to just roll over and pay him without going to court.
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