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Bryan Singer files motion to dismiss sex abuse case
By Tony Maglio

Director Bryan Singer filed a motion Thursday to dismiss the sex abuse case posted against him in Los Angeles. He is also asking for coverage of his own anticipated "exorbitant" litigation costs, according to media reports.

Through his attorneys, Singer stated that there is no legal basis for the suit that was filed under conditions of anonymity by a British actor identified as "John Doe 117."

Singer wants a $300,000 bond to cover his legal costs.

Also from TheWrap: Bryan Singer Seeks Summary Judgment in Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

In a different case against him, this one filed by the identified Michael Egan, Singer is seeking a summary judgment following a prior request for a motion to dismiss. The resulting hearing is set for Aug. 4.

In that initial filing, Egan accused Singer and others of sexual abuse in Hawaii in August and October of 1999. However, in a sworn deposition dated 2003, related to a similar earlier case, Egan said that he'd never been to Hawaii, or even outside of the continental United States. Singer's representation provided evidence that Singer had not been to Hawaii in 1999, either. As such, they allege that Egan no longer has a case with merit.

Egan also named former NBC executive Garth Ancier; David Neuman, a former vice president, comedy development at NBC; and Broadway producer Gary Goddard in his allegations. Cases against Ancier, Neuman and Goddard have been dismissed.

Ancier is countersuing Egan.

The post Bryan Singer Files Motion to Dismiss Sex Abuse Case appeared first on TheWrap.

Jul 3, 2014 7:41PM
Michael Egan...POS...big problem with legal system...unwarranted cases...
Jul 3, 2014 7:35PM
Make the person filing false accusation pay...dearly...
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