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Ellen DeGeneres
© AP / Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres has global 'goal' for Oscarcast
By MIKE CIDONI LENNOX, AP Entertainment Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Ellen DeGeneres has high aspirations for her second time around hosting the Oscars.

"It reached the world," the talk-show host said of her well-received 2007 Oscarcast. "And I'm trying to get world peace. So, that's my goal. My hope is by hosting the Academy Awards, right afterward, we have world peace."

DeGeneres may have been exaggerating, but there's no overstating her enthusiasm for the upcoming March 2 gig.

"I know a lot of those people," she said of the Oscar audience. "They're on my show a lot. I love the whole business. ... I get to play with all those people in the audience and make people happy, and, hopefully, relax them."

DeGeneres made her comments Friday while attending a Toys for Tots charity event in Los Angeles.

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Nov 23, 2013 9:32PM
What a warm, beautiful, caring person. I have enjoyed her show, her books, her values, such as her love for animals and the environment. She puts her money into making the world a better place.
Nov 24, 2013 8:15AM
Ellen is a sparkling gem in a world of raw rocks in the entertainment industry.  She always makes people feel comfortable, and laugh in her mere presence.  She was excellent as Oscar host back in 2007, and will do just as well this time around in 2014.
Nov 24, 2013 1:50PM
E-Gads   what is this????   BIBLE SCHOOL??     Yikes
Nov 24, 2013 1:18PM
All these negitive comments about Ellen are crap!!! Ya'll should go buy a cell phone and call someone who values your opinion.  Guess you won't be on the phone long then!!!!!!
Nov 24, 2013 11:38AM

Thorughly disgusted by her preachy ways.  Why not be part of the Oscars and the facade.  No one with a sense of integrity is left.


She is an oxymoron to her own statements. 

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