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©Mickey Rooney / AP
© Mickey Rooney / AP
Mickey Rooney's stepson declared bankrupt amid elder abuse dispute


The stepson of movie veteran Mickey Rooney has declared bankruptcy after settling allegations of elder dispute by confessing he owes the actor $2.8 million (£1.87 million). The "Babes on Broadway" star was placed under the conservatorship of his lawyer, Michael Augustine, in 2011 after expressing fears for his safety.

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Rooney claimed his stepson Christopher Aber and his wife, Christina, had attempted to convince the actor to sign over control of his assets. Rooney accused the pair of abusing him emotionally and financially and alleged Aber even planned to sell off his 1983 honorary Oscar statuette for his own financial gain. It was subsequently revealed the 93-year-old, who testified before Congress about elderly abuse, was missing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his bank accounts.

Aber has since reached a $2.8 million settlement deal with attorney Augustine but claims he has no funds to pay back the money. So, he and his wife have declared themselves broke. Rooney's conservators are now looking to sue the couple's homeowners' insurance policy holders to obtain the cash, reports

Oct 17, 2013 8:34AM
Did they really have to post such an unflattering picture of Mr. Rooney?
Oct 17, 2013 9:44AM
If the greedy socialist would have been patient they would have eventually had it all to piss away. the same thing is happening in the political forum, everybody wants it now. tomorrow, next week or next year is so far off, now they have nothing! but insurance might make up the difference, so I guess its the people that will pay. every time a politician borrows against the national debt they are doing the same thing, spending our money and spending the future, to invest is one thing to just spend is another. they have their fingers in the pot, your pot. a wise person would not allow this to happen, Mickey must have had allot of trust in these people to allow them access to his money, it was a mistake to trust them. if those people would have just invested (legally and wisely) a tenth of what they took  this would not be a issue and they would be set for life. but you can't invest it and spend it at the same time, so forget investing just spend. worry about the consequences at a latter date. who wants to play kick the can?
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