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©AP/ Stephen Frears
© AP/ Stephen Frears
Stephen Frears eager for pope to see his latest film
By COLLEEN BARRY, Associated Press

VENICE, Italy (AP) — Director Stephen Frears is "very keen" for Pope Francis to see his latest film, "Philomena," the true story of a shamed Irish woman forced by nuns to give her son up for adoption in the 1950s.

Frears repeated the desire to reporters three times before the film's world premiere in competition Saturday at the Venice Film Festival.

Asked to explain, he said: "He seems like a rather good bloke, the pope."

A 2009 book by the journalist who helped the real-life Philomena, played by Judi Dench in the film, locate her son has been a catalyst for thousands of Irish mothers who similarly lost their children to come forward.

Screenwriter Jeff Pope says the film is trying to say that "openness ... is really the way forward."

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Sep 1, 2013 6:47AM
This happened to women everywhere in the 50's and it wasn't just nuns doing the shaming. So, yet again, the Church is being blamed for a tragedy that was an action of the times, not necessarily something the Church did as a rule.  Now let's see him make a movie about all the wonderful work the nuns and Church did with unwed mothers and still does.  Yeah, maybe when hell freezes over.  That would be so less of a compelling story.
Sep 1, 2013 8:35AM
Who cares about the Pope, I respect others religion but I don't understand how a Christ based religion can hold a man next to God, claim his word is Devine, and not see the blasphemy it that? He is only a man, Yet when he dies the church will "Vote" on weather or not he was a "Saint" which is another word for an Angel. He is just a MAN.
Aug 31, 2013 2:08PM
Doesn't whoever is pope always request to see any film starring Judi Dench?  She's magnificent!!!  Frears won't have to worry.  The pope will see "Philomena," sooner or later.  So, when's some savvy director going to get around to making a movie about the child abuse in the U.S. and Europe by Catholic priests that's been going on for decades?  That's a movie that's sure to turn a papal head either fully towards the screen, or away from it forever!!!
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