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Gay rights campaigners urge Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin after gay slurs
Gay rights campaigners are calling on bosses at banking giant Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin as a company spokesman following his homophobic online outburst. The 30 Rock star posted an expletive-filled tirade on his page aimed at reporter George Stark, who suggested in a Daily Mail article that Baldwin's wife, Hilaria, was tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral last month (Jun13). Baldwin adamantly denied the allegation and targeted Stark by calling him a "toxic little queen" and a "lying little b**ch", ranting, "I am gonna f**k you up... I want all of my followers and beyond to straighten out this f**king little b**ch." Now, a coalition of leading gay and straight activists are urging Capital One chiefs to drop the actor as the face of their credit card campaign. Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder of political action group GOProud for gay conservatives, tells, "We urge all Americans to ask themselves, 'What's in your wallet?' We hope they will reject Alec Baldwin's homophobia by cutting up those Capital One cards in their wallets." LaSalvia's colleague John Hawkins adds, "It's still a free country and Alec Baldwin can do as much gay bashing as he likes on Twitter, but it's hard to understand why Capital One would choose to publicly condone his homophobia by keeping Baldwin on as its spokesman. If Capital One is not going to do the right thing then Capital One doesn't deserve our business." After his Twitter tirade, Baldwin issued an apology to gay rights group GLAAD. Capital One executives have yet to comments on his actions.
Jul 7, 2013 6:06PM
Oh god! Here comes the PC police! How is calling someone a b**ch or Queen homophobic? Can't say anything anymore without it coming across as "homophobic". Everyone's become so programmed to be sensitive to gay rights that you can't even argue without being labeled a "homophobe". Meanwhile Amanda Bynes insults people with Down's Syndrome and obesity on a daily basis on Twitter. America needs to stop this double-standard. Even though gay rights are the big fuss these days. 
Jul 7, 2013 8:17PM
Well, no surprise. He, like many in Hollywood and politics, is a convenience-liberal. When it serves his purposes, he's liberal. When he's pissed, he reverts to something else.
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