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©AP/ Ian McKellen
© AP/ Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen films final shot as Gandalf


Veteran actor Ian McKellen marked the end of an era on Friday as he filmed his last ever scene as J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic wizard Gandalf.

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The 74-year-old has played the character for more than a decade, appearing in three "Lord of the Rings" films and prequel "The Hobbit," which has also been split into a trilogy.

McKellen has been busy filming the final installment of "The Hobbit" in New Zealand with director Peter Jackson, and he completed his work on Friday. Jackson marked the emotional moment by posting a picture of himself posing with McKellen on his Facebook page.

Both men look glum in the snap, and Jackson explains it was an emotional moment for the pair, writing, "Seconds ago we finished our last shot with Gandalf. The end of an incredible adventure that began in 1999. I'm feeling very sad right now."

Orlando Bloom finished filming his scenes on Saturday, and Jackson marked the moment by uploading a video of the star joking around on the film set, adding, "When we finally got the day done, we said goodbye to Orlando, had a couple of beers ... and couldn't resist doing this (posting the joke video online)."

Jun 29, 2013 10:41AM
Mr. McKellen played Gandalf brilliantly.  As a huge fan of The Hobbit and the trilogy for many decades, I was apprehensive at first to see the trilogy brought to film.  Mr. McKellen's great talent and skill gave breath to the image that had been only a  vision in my mind, crafted upon Tolkien's pages.  So thank you, Mr. McKellen, well done, good sir, well done!
Jun 29, 2013 11:50AM
"YOU ........SHALL..........NOT.................PASS!!!!!"  Will echo in my mind  forever.  Well done Mr. McKellen :)
Jun 29, 2013 11:00AM
yes thank you but lets not forget he also played on the fist xmen movie as magneto and the others as well.
Jun 29, 2013 11:40AM
I believe he would've been a better Dumbledor  than Michael Gambon.
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