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Amanda Bynes blasts parents in Twitter rant
Amanda Bynes has hit out at her parents in a vitriolic online rant, accusing them of "stealing" her earnings and insisting she would rather they are homeless than allow them to "live off of my money". The Hairspray star has been a regular in the headlines over the last few weeks with her bizarre behaviour, which culminated in her arrest on drug charges last week (ends26May13). Last month (Apr13), Bynes revealed she is no longer on speaking terms with her elderly parents, and now she has suggested the rift runs much deeper. In a new rant posted on, Bynes claims she is taking legal action against her own family, writing, "I am suing them for money laundering/unethical manager work, I never signed a contract with them, and they had been stealing my money without me knowing, claiming they were managing me somehow when they have no right to act as if they did anything to help or enhance my career and I want $ (the money) back that I earned on my own. "I'm 27 and don't like when press talks to my parents. My parents are almost 70 years old. We are no longer on speaking terms. I would rather them be homeless than live off of my money." Bynes was arrested in New York on Thursday (23May13) and later charged with marijuana possession, attempted tampering with physical evidence and reckless endangerment, after allegedly throwing a bong out of the window of her 36th-storey apartment in Manhattan.
Jun 6, 2013 12:14PM
Somebody please get this girl some help. She's gone far beyond the deep end. Shes truly insane and it's quite sad.
Jun 5, 2013 4:24PM
Through the years I can recall several occasions where I thought stars led such interesting and wonderful lifestyles.  Most of these folks probably didn't crash and burn such as "Behind the music" might have us believe but I wouldn't want to exist in these famous folks lives.  They seem to build a media created illusion of being merry and happy and quite content.  Whereas reality finds them bailing-out the remnants of their silly and twisted merry-go-round of a life gone completely off track...I'll keep my little no frills life and be thankful for my and my family's health...
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