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©AP/ Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider in 1973
© AP/ Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider in 1973
Director regrets shocking actress in 'Last Tango' butter scene

Moviemaker Bernardo Bertolucci will forever regret not making peace with his "Last Tango In Paris" leading lady Maria Schneider over the film's infamous butter scene before she died two years ago.

The director and the movie's star Marlon Brando came up with the idea to use butter during a graphic sex scene over breakfast and Bertolucci chose not to tell a shocked Schneider about their plans.

In a new Playboy magazine interview with contributor James Franco, he reveals, "Marlon and I decided over breakfast one morning to use butter in their sodomy scene, which wasn't in the script. I decided not to tell her - it was asking for too much discussion.

"You can see how humiliated she is in that scene. It was somewhat... strong. She was very upset with both of us afterward.

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"She died two years ago and I wanted to apologize. It was a great performance, and I know you need to use any method possible to get a good shot, but maybe it was bad manners. Actors naturally feel deeply about their characters, because they're bringing life to something that's black and white, and I believe actors are writers in their films, in a way. But that film shocked Maria her entire life."

May 18, 2013 10:25PM
If he was so concerned he could have apologized any time in the past 40 odd years.  What a pompous fool.
May 19, 2013 7:07AM

Really!  You decide not to drop into light conversation with you 19 year old actress

that you are planning to do a sodomy scene and to make a point of using butter as a

lube all because it may lead to too much discussion.  I.E. she might tell you where

you could stick that butter stick.  And then you are surprised that she gets upset

over you subjecting her to such a humiliating situation?

Then you write it all off because you got the shot you wanted?

When they speak of suffering for their art, it usually reserved for actual the artist

who suffered.  NOT for the pain they inflict upon others!
After all, why should she complain or feel slighted just because you and Marlon - each

old enough to be her father - think it is okay to record this young lady losing ****

cherry and share her suffering with the rest of the world.

Well thank goodness that he at least gave a passing thought to how nice it might of

been if he had apologized to her.  FORTY years later!

How inconvenient of her to die before he could grow a pair and speak up.

Oh well... so long as what you can sleep well at night Bernardo.

May 29, 2013 1:05PM

Well.....Maria, I do not feel too bad for you...sorry though, that you died so young of cancer.

But you had to know that you were dealing with a bunch of perverts, marlon and lil' pervert bernardo who is still a pervert in all probability


You made your choices in life as we all do,

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